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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much
— Hellen Keller
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SALMADA Photography and SkyPoint Productions has teamed up with a common goal of producing the highest quality wedding photos and films in Arizona.

By combining together two specialized companies we're able to deliver an experience that no one person or one single team can do alone. Instead of competing for shots, we compliment each other, and work together to bring a new form of creative synergy and inspiration to the work we produce.  

Santiago Almada Wedding Photography

Our goal is simple, to do our very best at creating exceptional wedding photographs and extraordinary wedding films. We’ve realized this can only be consistently accomplished as a team and is why we have joined forces packaging our services together.

  • Better communication

  • Shared vision and creative style

  • Wedding photography and videography package discounts

Simply put, not only will the photos and videos you receive look better but the customer service and overall experience you receive before, during, and after your wedding will be enhanced. That’s because our combined experience and professionalism helps us deliver consistent beautiful wedding photos and cinematic wedding films that are original while still maintaining a true reflection of your wedding day.

We would love to discuss your project further and see if a combination photography and videography package is right for you. Take a look at some of our example work below and contact us to check availability.

Your photo and video team,

- Santiago Almada - Lead Photographer @ SALMADA Photography

- Skyler Pierpoint - Lead Cinematographer @ SkyPoint Productions

Santiago Almada

Santiago Almada

Currently I’ve been working in the Arizona market for the past five years doing event photography: weddings, baptisms, quinceañera, graduations, Indian/Arabic cultural events, family shoots, and anything else that I have the fortunate pleasure to be involved in. I met my beautiful wife here and we recently had a wedding of our own. We now have a fur baby (be sure to check out pics of our sweet Bella you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling) and are in the process of searching for a house. SO how does all of this relate to you?

I chose to do event photography because I understand how precious every moment we have with our loved ones is and how they should be cherished. If you want a photographer that is going to work your event as if it were my own family, then I’m your guy.


Skyler Pierpoint

Skyler saw an opportunity where his background as a musician, audio recording engineer, and business could be used on a daily basis and after filming his first wedding in 2013 his ambition and addiction to visual storytelling officially launched SkyPoint Production, LLC.

He’s been fortunate to help couples capture some of their most remarkable moments and providing a way for everyone to relive these moments time and time again.

The clarity of his purpose: to do his best on each and every project while having fun, maximize all creative skills and technology to capture and tell a genuine story in an exciting authentic way, it’s the hallmark of the husband wife team at SkyPoint Productions.

Gear is good, but having a vision is better, as the most important part of the camera is the person behind it. Skyler’s fantastic cinematography team is known for their optimistic attitude that truly loves what they do and has found themselves filming and specializing in Indian weddings. A small boutique family business, that isn’t concerned with the number of bookings they do per year since quality always takes precedence over quantity. The SkyPoint team gives individual attention to each and every client, personalizing and handcrafting wedding films that are artistic and produced in house by the husband and wife SkyPoint duo, Kelly Jo and Skyler Pierpoint and their team of talented wedding cinematographers.

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The only people who see the whole picture, are the ones who step out of the frame.
— Salman Rushdie

South Asian Photography & Cinematography Packages

Every wedding has a story that is beautiful and one of a kind. With over a decade of combined experience in capturing weddings of various cultures such as Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, and many more, Santiago and Skyler have teamed up to pursue a greater standard of visual storytelling than what one team can achieve alone.

Indian Weddings

It’s true, we both love to film and photograph Indian weddings and it’s become our specialty. We’ve fallen in love with the beauty, color, fun, and elegance that surrounds all the various events. From the ganesh pooja to the bridal mehndi, from the pithi/haldi ceremony to the fun and happiness of the sangeet, to capturing the energy of the grooms baraat or moms emotional tears of joy as her daughter steps to the ceremony mandap, you need a team that can handle the magnitude and beauty of an Indian wedding. 

Photo & video combo packages starting at $12,000 - Sangeet Night & wedding day