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We capture precious moments, one frame at a time, for you and the generations to come as if they were our own. Get in touch with us we look forward to meeting you.

A good photograph is knowing where to stand.
— Ansel Adams
Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Weddings come in all shape and sizes, some are full of culture and honoring the past while others are a new beginning in the way that the couple wants to forge for themselves. Either way they bring together so many amazing people in one space with nothing but good will and well wishes for the happy couple making their next step in this crazy exciting world. With specialities surrounding Indian wedding photography and destination weddings, it doesn’t matter what vision you have in mind, we are prepared to make it a reality.

Come join us at the DB Luxury Bridal Expo at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix Arizona

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Our inspiration for every shoot is drawn directly from adventure, location, and the love of family; all of which provide a unique and warm feel to every individual shoot. Thanks to the commitment to provide quality work that our clients will love, the results every time are clear, beautiful, and crisp photos which bring that special day to life. We are based in sunny Phoenix Arizona, available for travel across the globe !


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We want to be there with you, capturing all the beautiful memories so that when you look back at the whole process you have nothing but shock and disbelief at how all your planning and preparation resulted in such a joyful time.

Our Wedding Specialties

Indian Wedding Photography

Indian weddings have become one of our specialties. It is our desire to capture the loving family atmosphere and ceremonies that encompass this important moral value with each Indian Wedding that we have the opportunity to photograph. We've had the pleasure of photographing multiple Indian weddings, all of which reflected the culture and in depth details involved in Hindu tradition. Such opportunities have provided much experience in what to expect at these events, and have allowed us to become adept at knowing which details to capture first; this knowledge makes for quality photos that adequately encompasses the immense beauty of an Indian Wedding. Head over to our Photography page to learn more about our Indian Wedding Photography options.

Engagement photoshoot at Chambord Castle, France.

Destination Wedding Photography 

Although we are based in Phoenix, Arizona, our team is willing to travel all over the world in order to make your dreams come true! We have already had the opportunity to shoot a wedding collection in Paris, France and it is our desire to add more destinations to our list. Drawing from past experience with  landscape photography and an intense motivation to travel, we are capable of highlighting the surrounding area and using it to our advantage as we stage each photo. This unique focus aids in creating beautiful and timeless photos that can be cherished for a lifetime. Be sure to check out our Photography page to learn more about our destination wedding options.