Wedding Photoshoot in Paris

In December of last year, we had the immense privilege of photographing the lovely Marc and Majda in Paris. Before we even met this couple, my wife and I had decided that we wanted to expand our horizons past our home in Phoenix, Arizona and travel the world more often. This would be the perfect opportunity to spread our wings and soar into the wonder that is destination weddings. We knew starting off that the entire process would take a lot of work and dedication, but the thrill and pay off would be well worth it! This statement was strongly solidified when, after a lot of inquiries to find the right couple, we had the opportunity to meet Marc and Majda.

These two lovebirds were so fun to work with and the photos that came from the session were just so perfect, I couldn’t wait to share them with everyone I could! Despite the cold weather we experienced at the time of the shoot, Marc and Majda were awesome through it all and couldn’t stop smiling as we went from location to location; including places such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre Museum. All the effort of lugging around my Canon EOS R + The Canon 200mm Prime f2 (along with all of the cameras’ accessories) was nothing compared to the joy I received from shooting this destination wedding.

Marc and Majda had a traditional Moroccan wedding shortly after these photos were taken and truly, I think this couple did wonderfully at encompassing the pure and beautiful relationship that they share, through these events. It is my hope that the photos which were captured as a result of their genuine love for each other will bring them joy for many years to come!