Santiago Almada Photographer



Wedding Photography

Weddings come in all shape and sizes. Some are full of culture and honoring the past while others are a new beginning in the way that the couple wants to forge for themselves. Either way they bring together so many amazing people in one space with nothing but good will and well wishes for the happy couple making their next step in this crazy exciting world. We want to be there with you, capturing all the moments we can so that when you look back at the whole process you have nothing but shock and disbelief at how all your planning and preparation resulted in such a joyful time.






Getting Ready

Getting ready is often overlooked when it comes to what makes the budget or doesnt. From the mother helping to zip up the dress to the father shedding a tear at his little girl or roudy son all grown up into the person he couldn't be more proud to call his own this is the perfect setting for the most precious one on one moments between the bride/groom with the closest friends and family.




Bride & Groom

The Photoshoot is your time to shine as a couple in the dress you couldn't wait to get on and the suit that he wore to make you happy. Take this opportunity to be creative and make it your own. Be silly and fun, create that photo that will hang on the entryway of your house for all the children and coming generations to see how beautiful and in love with each other you were from the very beginning.




Bridal Party - Family & Friends

We wouldn't be here without our family and friends. From holding hands and safely crossing the street to wild nights out and making sure everyone made it home safe these are the people who helped shape us. The memories that come from looking back at a photo of you with both sets of parents or both best friends bring a joy that can’t be measured, not to mention the disbelief of knowing so many influential people were in the same place at the same time.





Did you agonize over how well the cream and the white cloths will match with the cream of the flowers? Did your in-laws give you a look every time you expressed interest in lime green as an accent? Maybe you happen to have crafty friends, a bunch of mason jars and one night things just feel into place over hot glue guns and wine. Either way decor can be fun or extremely stressful and we can all agree these personal touches are what make your wedding yours. These detailed shots are such a wonderful addition to any album.





Maybe it was a struggle to accommodate grandma's bingo schedule with your favorite cousins crazy work life but the photo of the two of them line dancing and running into each other laughing makes you forget about the endless phone calls and silly requests. The day went the way it did be it on schedule or a crazy rush but now you finally get to relax! Just have fun with each other and everyone you care about who made your day a priority and watch the hilarity ensue; grandpa still has no rhythm, aunt susie sings the words out of order, and the nieces and nephews had too much cake, we are ready to catch all of those silly moments.